DRC: BCS Deploys Submarine Cable Through Lake Tanganyika From Uvira - Kalemie

Bandwidth and Cloud Services (BCS) has announced that it is is deploying a submarine fibre optic cable link through Lake Tanganyika to connect the towns of Bukavu, Uvira, Baraka and Kalemie in Eastern DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), and to serve as an alternate gateway in Eastern and Southern Africa. BCS previously laid a cross-border submarine cable through Lake Albert between Uganda and DRC during 2019, and in 2020 deployed a second cable through Lake Albert as a backup. BCS says that it was licensed in DRC 2020, in Angola and Zimbabwe in 2021. Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, DRC also announced that it is building a 1,001-km fibre route using the right of way (ROW) along the railway line running from Beitbridge on the border with South Africa to Victoria Falls on the border with Zambia. BCS previously announced plans to deploy around 1,000-km of submarine cable in Lake Albert and Lake Tanganyika in 2018, as part of an overall plan to expand its fibre optic network by 4,850-km in the East and Central Africa region (see East Africa: BCS Plans 4,850-Km Expansion Of Fibre Network In DRC, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda And Zambia).

Source: BCS

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