Gold Map Subscription

Gold Transmission Map and Dataset Subscription

The Gold Transmission Dataset is provided with two additional layers of data to the transmission map, and ten key metrics underlying the map. Five-year tabular datasets are provided for: International Bandwidth, Route-kms, Fibre Reach (Operational), Fibre Reach (Under Construction), Fibre Reach (Planned and Proposed).

Gold Transmission Map

Please note: the image shown above is a screen shot only, you need to be logged in to access the live web maps. Access to the Gold Transmission Map and Dataset is provided on a single-user, 12-month subscription basis.


Transmission Link Data

Transmission Link Filter

The Africa Telecom Transmission map contains 353 network operators, and 74 submarine cable systems. Select the Filter tab on the map, then use the drop-down boxes to filter the map to highlight transmission links by specific country, operator, operational status and/or last quarter updates. Refine your selection by using multiple filters.

Transmission Link Data

Transmission Link Data

The Africa Telecom Transmission map contains over 15,000 transmission links. Select the Data tab on the map, then hover your mouse over a transmission link to show the following technical data for that link:

  • Country
  • Operator
  • From (node)
  • To (node)
  • Type (infrastructure type)
  • Status (operational status)
  • Distance (kilometres)

Gold Transmission Map

Operator Labels

In addition to the map layers shown in the Rolling Transmission Map, the Gold Transmission map shows labels for the operator owning each piece of terrestrial network, fibre nodes and submarine cables when zoomed in to the closest three zoom levels.

In total, this map layer contains over 15,000 operator labels, and over 7,000 node labels. Zoom into the map from a scale of approximately 1:148,000,000 (1cm = 1,480 km) to a scale of apx. 1:1,156,000 (1cm = 11.5 km).

Gold Transmission Map Fibre Reach

Included as a selectable background map layer, the Range from Nodes layer shows the 10-km, 25-km and 50-km range of fibre optic nodes. In total, the map shows over 7,000 nodes which are operational, under construction, planned or proposes.

The dataset contains corresponding tables, on a country-by-country basis, for population which within reach of a fibre node which is operational, under construction, is planned or proposed.

Tabular Datasets

Tabular datasets quantifying Africa's international Internet bandwidth, and the extent and reach of its terrestrial transmission networks on a country-by-country basis:

  • International Internet Bandwidth Total, by country
  • International Internet Bandwidth Submarine Cable, by country
  • International Internet Bandwidth Cross-Border, by country
  • International Internet Bandwidth Satellite, by country
  • Terrestrial Route-Kms, by country
  • Fibre Reach (Operational), by country
  • Fibre Reach (Under Construction), by country
  • Fibre Reach (Planned or Proposed), by country
Category Transmission Map

Rolling Transmission Map

Designed to track the fast-moving roll out of Africa's transmission networks, the Rolling Transmission Map shows key developments as they happen through articles posted into the map, and is routinely updated on a quarterly basis.

The Rolling Transmission Map streams articles into the map, and underneath shows a list of all the articles shown in the extent of the current map view.

Click on any of these titles, and the article will be displayed in the map.

Category Transmission Map

Category Transmission Map

The Category Transmission Map shown here, also provided as part of this subscription, organises the articles by category, and displays markers for the selected category on the map.

Click the "Transmission Map" category for a list of articles in each quarter. Click on any of the titles in the category shown, and the article will be displayed in the map.

Context - Base Maps

Switch between four base maps against which to display the transmission data:

  • Openstreetmap (OSM) base map
  • Population Density
  • Landscape
  • Earth Lights


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