Bronze Map Subscription

Bronze Transmission Map Subscription

Developed in response to popular demand, this web-based version of the Africa telecom transmission map is constantly updated and allows you to zoom in to read the map in much greater detail.

Please note: the image shown above is a screen shot only, you need to be logged in to access the live web maps. Access to the Rolling Transmission Map is provided free of charge to customers of the poster map on a single-user, 12-month subscription basis.


Category Transmission Map Quarterly Updated

Designed to track the fast-moving roll out of Africa's transmission networks, the Rolling Transmission Map shows key developments as they happen through articles posted into the map, and is routinely updated on a quarterly basis.

The Rolling Transmission Map streams articles into the map, and underneath shows a list of all the articles shown in the extent of the current map view.

Click on any of these titles, and the article will be displayed in the map.

Category Transmission Map Category Transmission Map

The Category Transmission Map shown here, also provided as part of this subscription, organises the articles by category, and displays markers for the selected category on the map.

Click the "Transmission Map" category for a list of articles in each quarter.

Click on any of the titles in the category shown, and the article will be displayed in the map.

Rolling Transmission Map - Hamilton Research Zooming and Scale

Zoom into the map from a scale of approximately 1:148,000,000 (1cm = 1,480 km) to a scale of apx. 1:1,156,000 (1cm = 11.5 km). If the map was printed at this scale, it would measure nearly 12 metres tall.

The example shown here of the operational cross-border link between Togo and Benin on CEB power lines operated by Phase 3 Telecom shows the maximum zoom level.

Context - Base Maps

Switch between four base maps against which to display the transmission data:

  • Openstreetmap (OSM) base map
  • Population Density
  • Landscape
  • Earth Lights
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