Malawi: Liquid Launches Two New Cross-Border Fibre Routes, To Ethiopia And Malawi

On 13 September 2023, Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid) announced the launch of two new fully redundant terrestrial routes, from Kenya to Ethiopia and Zambia to Malawi. The first is a 1,000-km fibre route from Nairobi in Kenya to Mega, a town in southern Ethiopia, in partnership with Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) and Ethiopia Electric Power (EEP). According to a company press release, this route has a capacity of 4 Tbps, complements the existing terrestrial routes across this border, and runs via Nairobi, Suswa, Sereolipi, Ndaragwa, Marsabit and Mega. In October 2017, Liquid Telecom Kenya signed a 10-year partnership with KETRACO to operate its Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) fibre cable and expand the internet network across East Africa (see Kenya: Liquid Telecom and KETRACO Partner to Build Fibre Network Across Kenya and East Africa). The second route is a 711-km cross-border fibre route from Zambia to Malawi, with routes from Chipata to Lilongwe (the capital). During... Read More →

Africa: Bayobab’s Regional Fibre Optic Network Reaches 108,000-Km, June 2023

Bayobab (formerly MTN GlobalConnect), announced that it has deployed a further 3,000-km of terrestrial fibre optic network during the first half of 2023, bringing its total fibre inventory to 108,000-km according to MTN’s interim results. The operator also announced that it has been granted a National Long-Distance Operator License by the regulatory authorities in Nigeria. In May 2023, MTN’s wholesale and infrastructure operating company MTN GlobalConnect unveiled a new brand identity: Bayobab (see Africa: MTN GlobalConnect Rebrands As Bayobab, Signs Agreement With Africa50 For Project East2West). Bayobab is wholly owned by MTN Group, with two distinct businesses, Bayobab Fibre and Bayobab Communication Platforms. Bayobab Fibre owns capacity on 16 submarine cables, operating 235 landing stations, and had 107,000-km of terrestrial fibre optic network across Africa at the time (see also Africa: MTN GlobalConnect Increases Fibre Inventory To 105,157-Km, December 2022). Source: MTN, Bayobab  Read More →

Côte d’Ivoire: Côte d’Ivoire’s International Bandwidth Increases By 88% To 547 Gbps In 2022

Côte d’Ivoire’s utilised international Internet bandwidth reached 546.643 Gbps in December 2022, according to latest statistics released by the regulator ARTCI (Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications de Côte d’Ivoire), an 88% increase compared to 291.535 Gbps in 2021 (see Côte d’Ivoire: Côte d’Ivoire’s International Bandwidth Reaches 292 Gbps, December 2021). This utilized capacity of 546.643 Gbps compared to 920 Gbps of installed international Internet bandwidth. These totals were split between Orange which had 342.488 Gbps of utilized international bandwidth (500 Gbps equipped), MTN which had 100 Gbps utilized (120 Gbps equipped), and MainOne which had 104.155 Gbps utilized (300 Gbps equipped). Five submarine cables now land at Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire): SAT-3, ACE, WACS, MainOne, and Maroc Telecom West Africa cable. The MainOne Cable Company landed a new branch of its submarine cable at Abidjan, which entered service in 2019 (see Côte d’Ivoire: MainOne... Read More →

Angola: Liquid Dataport Commits To New 2,500-Km Direct Fibre Route Connecting Angola and Zambia

On 10 July 2023, Liquid Dataport a business of Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), announced plans to expand its fibre optic backbone to directly connect Luanda (the capital city of Angola) to Lusaka (the capital city of Zambia) with a new route via Chavuma on the border between the two neighbouring countries. The new 2,500-km route will run from Luanda - Lobito – Kuito – Luena – Chavuma – Solwezi – Kitwe – Ndola – Lusaka, and follows Liquid’s launch of a new fibre route running from Lobito – Luanda – Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC). “This new direct route via Chavuma will be available in the next few months, with an additional route to be launched later using fibre along the Lobito Corridor,” said David Eurin, CEO of Liquid Dataport in a company press release. “We look forward to collaborating with the telecom providers in Angola, leading to improved coverage and the quality of ICT services across the two countries.” Previously, in June 2023... Read More →

Niger: Niger’s International Bandwidth Increases By 72% During 2022

Niger’s international Internet bandwidth reached a total of 123.8 Gbps by December 2022, according to the latest figures released by Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et de La Poste (ARCEP) in its 2022 annual report. This was split between five operators: Zamani Telecom (previously Orange, with 20 Gbps, compared to 18.790 Gbps in 2021), Airtel (Celtel) Niger (70 Gbps, compare dot 27.794 Gbps), Atlantique Telecom (Moov Africa Niger, with 5 Gbps, compared to 5.000 Gbps), Niger Telecom (25 Gbps, compared to 17.500 Gbps), and Liptinfor (3.8 Gbps, compared to 2.820 Gbps). This total of 123.8 Gbps in 2022 was a 72 % increase compared to 71.904 Gbps in 2021, 188.152 Gbps reported by ARCEP in December 2020, 17.5 Gbps during 2019, and 10 Gbps in 2018 (see Niger: Niger’s International Bandwidth Reaches 188 Gbps, December 2020). Source: ARCEP  Read More →

Gabon: Gabon Telecom’s International Internet Bandwidth Reaches 120 Gbps, Dec 2022

Gabon Telecom’s international Internet bandwidth reached 120 Gbps in December 2022, according to its parent company Maroc Telecom (source: Maroc Telecom 2022 annual universal registration document). This was split between the 80 Gbps on the new Maroc Telecom West Africa cable which entered service in July 2021, and 40 Gbps on the SAT-3 submarine cable (see also Morocco: Maroc Telecom West Africa Submarine Cable Enters Service During 2021). Maroc Telecom also reported 100 Gbps in December 2021, including capacity on the West Africa cable, SAT-3 (30 Gbps) and the ACE cable (10 Gbps) which also land at Libreville. Previously, Gabon Telecom had 12.442 Gbps in 2015, 10.575 Gbps in 2014, and 3.1 Gbps in 2013 (see Gabon: Gabon’s International Bandwidth Reaches 12.4 Gbps, December 2015). In addition, Maroc Telecom reported that the international bandwidth of its subsidiaries in Burkina Faso, Mali and Mauritania reached 50 Gbps, 60 Gbps and 70 Gbps respectively in 2021 (source: Maroc Telecom... Read More →

Morocco: Morocco’s International Bandwidth Reaches 4.5 Tbps, Dec 2022

Morocco’s international Internet bandwidth reached 4.557 Tbps in December 2022, an annual increase of 54%, according to latest statistics released by Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications (ANRT). Morocco’s international bandwidth was 2.951 Tbps in 2021, 2.507 Tbps in 2020, 1.970 Tbps in 2019, 1.508 Tbps in 2018, and 1.125 Tbps in 2017 according to ANRT (see also Morocco: Morocco’s International Bandwidth Increased By 27% During 2020). Maroc Telecom is connected to five submarine cables: Tetouan – Estepona (1994), Atlas Offshore (2007), SEA-ME-WE3 (2009), Loukkos (2012), and the West Africa cable (2021) (see also Morocco: Maroc Telecom West Africa Submarine Cable Enters Service During 2021). The operator reported that the combined capacity on these five submarine cables reached 6.925 Tbps in 2022, compared to 4.230 Tbps in 2021 and 3.830 Tbps in 2020 (source: Maroc Telecom 2022 universal annual registration document). Source: ANRT  Read More →

Burundi: Burundi’s International Bandwidth Reaches 15.2 Gbps, Dec 2022

Burundi’s international Internet bandwidth reached 15.210 Gbps in December 2022, according to latest statistics published by the Agence de Régulation et de Contrôle des Télécommunications (ARCT), with ARCT reporting that this had increased again to 22.810 Gbps by March 2023. The bandwidth of 15.210 Gbps in December 2022 was a 25% annual increase compared to 12.152 Gbps in 2021, 9.254 Gbps in 2020, 8.332 Gbps in 2019, and 6.425 Gbps in 2018 (see Burundi: Burundi’s International Bandwidth Increases By 31% During 2021). Two operators provide international fibre connectivity to Burundi, Burundi Backbone System (BBS) and Viettel Burundi (Lumitel). Source: ARCT  Read More →

Angola: Unitel Angola and Bayobab Zambia Establish Cross-Border Fibre Interconnection

A new cross-border fibre network has been completed by Unitel Angola and Bayobab (formerly known as MTN GlobalConnect) Zambia between Karipande (Angola) and Chavuma (Zambia). According to ZNBC news, the new fibre optic link was inaugurated at ceremony held in Chavuma attended by Angolan Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Communication Mario de Oliveier and Zambian Minister of Science and Technology Felix Mutati. On 3 July 2023, Angola’s Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Communication (MINTTICS) confirmed that the point-to-point cross-border connection was completed between Unitel and MTN in the Karipande area (Moxico province). MINTTICS says that this network is a DWDM system with 10 Gbps optical channels. Source: Ministério das Telecomunicações, Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação Social (MINTTICS), ZNBC News  Read More →

Angola: Liquid Dataport and Angola Telecom Establish New Terrestrial Fibre Route From Luanda (Angola) To Johannesburg (South Africa)

On 12 June 2023, Liquid Dataport a business of Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), and Angola Telecom announced that they had established a new high capacity terrestrial fibre optic route from Luanda (Angola) to Johannesburg (South Africa) via the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia and Zimbabwe. According to a company press release, the addition of this route is a significant addition to Liquid’s regional fibre optic network which now reaches 110,000-km. This route runs from Luanda – Noqui – Kinshasa – Kananga – Lubumbashi – Kitwe - Lusaka – Kariba - Harare – Beitbridge – Pretoria – Johannesburg, and follows the completion in 2021 by Angola Telecom of new fibre routes from Luanda to Noqui, and from Yema to Cabinda (see also Angola: Angola Telecom Inaugurates 800-Km Terrestrial Fibre Link From Luanda to Cabinda) and by Liquid Telecom of new routes in DRC from Yema - Muanda – Matadi – Kinshasa (see DRC: Liquid Announces Completion of Fibre Route From... Read More →