Zimbabwe: TelOne’s National Fibre Backbone Reaches 5,223-Km During 2021

Fixed line incumbent TelOne announced that its national fibre backbone has reached 5,223-km during 2021, according to its 2021 Sustainability Report, an additional 427-km during the year compared to 4,796-km in 2020. The operator previously reported a total fibre network length of 4,046-km in 2019, 3,981-km jn 2018, 3,689-km in 2017, and 2,700-km in 2016 (see Zimbabwe: TelOne’s Fibre Network Reaches 3,700-Km). TelOne also reported that its bandwidth capacity reached 97.5 Gbps in 2021, compared to 64.5 Gbps in in 2020, 42.2 Gbps in 2019, 24.8 Gbps in 2018, 17.4 Gbps in 2017, and 12.2 Gbps in 2016.

“During the year, we managed to roll out fibre to a number of new and existing residential areas,” said TelOne in its 2021 Sustainability Report. “In order to improve service reliability, we also invested in strengthening and rehabilitating some sections of the backbone fibre network. With a lot of road construction happening, our network has occasionally been affected by the road works and we have thus been busy diverting our underground fibre network to ensure that service is not incessantly disrupted. We managed to increase transmission capacity on the Beitbridge – Kariba link to cater for growing domestic and regional bandwidth capacity requirements”. TelOne said that it during the year it had upgraded capacity on the Harare – Bulawayo - Beitbridge backbone link by an additional 200 Gbps.

Source: TelOne

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