Togo: Togo’s International Bandwidth Increases By 77% During 2020

Togo’s international Internet bandwidth reached 94.032 Gbps by 2020, a 77% increase compared to 53.184 Gbps in 2019. Fixed line incumbent Togo Telecom operates the WACS submarine cable in Togo with an allocated capacity of 480 Gbps, of which the utilisation increased from 11.08% in 2018 to 19.59% in 2019. Of this total of 94.032 GBps, Togo Telecom had an international bandwidth of 37.464 Gbps and CAFE Informatique had 3.071 Gbps according to regulator ARCEP (L'Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes). Five years ago in 2015, Togo’s international bandwidth was 7.396 Gbps, split between Togo Telecom (5 Gbps), mobile operator Togo Cellulaire (2 Gbps), CAFE Informatique which had an international bandwidth of 360 Mbps provided by satellite, and Atlantique Telecom (MOOV Togo) which had 36 Mbps (see Togo: Togo’s International Bandwidth Reaches 7.396 Gbps, December 2015).

Source: ARCEP

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