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Uganda: Uganda’s International Bandwidth Increases By 34%, June 2016

Show on map   Uganda’s international Internet bandwidth reached 20.848 Gbps in June 2016, a 33.5% increase compared to 15.611 Gbps in June 2015 according to latest figures released by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). The UCC reported a total international bandwidth of 41.695 Gbps in June 2016, compared to 35.747 Gbps in December 2015 (see Uganda: Uganda’s International Bandwidth Increases By 29%, December 2015) and 31.223 Gbps in June 2015 (see Uganda: Uganda’s International Bandwidth Increases By 15.7%, June 2015). Uganda previously had a total international bandwidth of 26.986 Gbps (June 2014), 25.679 Gbps (June 2013), 22.665 Gbps (June 2012), and 15.739 Gbps (June 2011). This total international bandwidth includes both inbound and outbound bandwidth. UCC previously reported a total international bandwidth of 7.727 Gbps in its Annual Market Report 2011/12; UCC reported a “downlink” (inbound) bandwidth of 3.608 Gbps and an “uplink” (outbound) bandwidth of... Read More →

Ghana: Vodafone Ghana Launches FTTH In Accra And Tema

Show on map   During February 2017, Vodafone Ghana announced the launch of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services in Accra (the capital) and Tema. The ‘Vodafone Fibre Broadband’ service delivers download speeds of up to 50 Mbps, and currently passes 1,000 homes in selected districts of Accra (Spintex, Manet Court; Cantonments; Cantonments, AU Village; North Dzorwulu, Fiesta Royale Area; Main Dzorwulu enclave; Maamobi Nima High way; East Legon, Mensah Wood Street; and Accra North, Asylum Down) and Tema (Michelle Camp Road, EMEFs Estates; Michelle Camp Road, Coastal Estates; Community 25, HFC Estates). Ghana is connected to five submarine cables which land in Accra: SAT-3, WACS, ACE, Main One and GLO-1. Source: Vodafone Ghana, Citifmonline, Ghana Business News, Ghana News Agency  Read More →

Côte d’Ivoire: Orange Côte d’Ivoire Launches FTTH In Abidjan

Show on map   On 21 December 2016, Orange Côte d’Ivoire announced the launch of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services in Abidjan. The FTTH network is reportedly now operational in four districts of Abidjan: Biety, Cocody, Plateau and Vridi (source: TIC Mag). Côte d’Ivoire is connected to three submarine cables which land in Abidjan: SAT-3, WACS and ACE (see Africa: France Telecom Orange Announces Launch of ACE Submarine Cable and Africa: WACS Submarine Cable Enters Service). Source: Orange Côte d’Ivoire, TIC Mag  Read More →

Gabon: Gabon’s International Bandwidth Reaches 12.4 Gbps, December 2015

Show on map   Gabon Telecom’s international Internet bandwidth reached 12.442 Gbps (5 x STM-16) by December 2015, according to latest data released by its parent company Maroc Telecom. This was an 18% increase compared to 10.575 Gbps (4 x STM-16 + 1 x STM-4) in 2014, 3.1 Gbps in December 2013 (see Gabon: Gabon Telecom's International Bandwidth Reaches 3.1 Gbps, December 2013), and 2 Gbps in December 2012 (see Gabon: Gabon Telecom International Bandwidth Reaches 2 Gbps, December 2012). Maroc Telecom had previously reported that Gabon Telecom’s international bandwidth had reached 12 Gbps during 2014 (see Gabon: Gabon’s International Bandwidth Reaches 12 Gbps, December 2014). Source: Maroc Telecom  Read More →

Djibouti: Djibouti Telecom Invests In Australia West Express (AWE) Cable

Show on map   In January 2017, Djibouti Telecom and GoTo Networks announced that Djibouti Telecom has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding its participation in the Australia West Express (AWE) submarine cable system. Djibouti Telecom will be an investor in, and the landing party for, the AWE cable in Djibouti. The AWE cable will run 10,100-km directly from Perth (Australia) across the Indian ocean to Djibouti, where it will interconnect with other submarine cables for onward connectivity to Europe. GoTo Networks say that the AWE cable will be the lowest latency route between Australia and Europe. The cable will have an initial design capacity of 20 Tbps, and has a scheduled Ready for Service date of 1st quarter 2018, according to a company press release. GoTo Networks signed a turnkey supply contract with Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks for the Australia West Express (AWE) in May 2015. AWE will be the ninth submarine cable to land in Djibouti, which is currently... Read More →

Côte d’Ivoire: Atlantique Telecom’s International Bandwidth Reaches 18 Gbps, Dec 2015

Show on map   Third largest mobile operator Atlantique Telecom (Moov) Côte d’Ivoire, a subsidiary of Maroc Telecom, reached an international Internet bandwidth of 18.040 Gbps in December 2015 according to latest data released by Maroc Telecom. The operator increased its international capacity by 18% during 2015 from 98 E1 circuits (15.24 Gbps) in December 2014 to 116 E1 circuits (18.040 Gbps) in December 2015. Atlantique Telecom (Moov) had an 18.9% share of the Ivoirian Internet market in December 2015 according to the regulator ARTCI. The operator had 1.648 million mobile Internet subscribers out of total market of 8.713 million fixed and mobile Internet subscribers. Maroc Telecom also reported that it’s subsidiary in Benin, Etisalat Benin doubled its international bandwidth from 310 Mbps (2 x STM-1) in 2014 to 622 Mbps (1 x STM-4) in 2015, diversifying its and utilising the new ACE submarine cable which entered service in Benin in July 2015 (see Benin: ACE Submarine Cable Enters... Read More →

Mauritania: Mauritel’s International Bandwidth Increases By 25% During 2015

Show on map   Mauritel, the fixed-line incumbent, reached an international Internet bandwidth of ‘close to’ 7 Gbps by December 2015, according to latest data released by Maroc Telecom. This was a 25% increase compared to 5.6 Gbps in 2014, and 775 Mbps on the cross-border terrestrial fibre link to Senegal by December 2012 (see Mauritania: Mauritel’s International Bandwidth Reaches 775 Mbps, December 2012). The ACE submarine cable, the first international submarine cable to land in Mauritania at Nouakchott (the capital), entered into service in December 2012 (see Africa: France Telecom Orange Announces Launch of ACE Submarine Cable). Maroc Telecom has also built a Trans African fibre optic cable (“le câble à fibres optiques Trans Africain”) with sections running from Mauritania – Mali – Burkina Faso which contains 24 fibre optic cables, and an initial capacity of 20 Gbps extendable to 800 Gbps. This cable allows Maroc Telecom’s subsidiaries in Mali (Sotelma) and Burkina... Read More →

Morocco: Maroc Telecom’s National Fibre Backbone Reaches 45,000-Km, December 2015

Show on map   Maroc Telecom reported in its 2015 Reference Document that its national fibre optic transmission backbone had increased to 45,000-km by December 2015. This compared to 40,000-km in 2014, 35,200-km in 2013 and 30,410-km in 2012 (see Morocco: Maroc Telecom’s Fibre Backbone Reaches 40,000-Km, December 2014). The operator is connected to four submarine cables: SEAMEWE III, Tétouan- Estepona, Atlas Offshore and Loukkos. Maroc Telecom also reported an international bandwidth of 370 Gbps in December 2015, a decrease compared to 380 Gbps in 2014, 380 Gbps in 2013 and 250 Gbps in 2012 (see Morocco: Maroc Telecom’s National Fibre Network Reaches 35,200-Km, December 2013). Morocco’s total international Internet bandwidth was 450 Gbps in December 2015, unchanged from the end of 2014, according to latest statistics released by ANRT (see Morocco: Morocco’s International Bandwidth Reaches 450 Gbps, December 2014). Morocco's international bandwidth was 412 Gbps in December... Read More →

Comoros: Huawei Completes ‘Avassa’ Submarine Cable Connecting Comoros And Mayotte

Show on map In November 2016, Huawei Marine Networks announced that it had successfully delivered the Avassa submarine cable system connecting Comoros with Mayotte. The 260-km Avassa submarine cable connects two locations on Grande Comore, and runs from Anjouan to Mayotte. According to a company press release, Comoros Telecom and Mayotte based operator STOI signed the construction contract with Huawei Marine in January 2016 to provide connectivity between Grande Comore, Anjouan, and Mayotte. Comores Telecom has been connected to the EASSy submarine cable since it entered service in July 2010, landing at Itsandra/ Volo Volo (near Moroni, the capital) on the largest island of Grand Comore. In December 2011, Comores Telecom then launched an inter-island fibre optic cable which connects the islands of Grand Comore, Anjouan and Mohéli (see Comoros: Comores Telecom Launches Inter-Island Submarine Cable). “Historically, microwave technology has carried the majority of inter-island capacity,... Read More →

Niger: Sonitel Inaugurates 430-Km Tahoua - Agadez Fibre Route

Show on map   On 18 December 2016, fixed line incumbent Sonitel (la Société Nigérienne des Télécommunications) announced that it launched the 430-km fibre route from Tahoua to Agadez. Niger’s operational fibre backbone network reached 1,750-km in December 2015, compared to 1,037-km in March 2015 and 550-km in 2011, with the completion of the following links: Dosso - Konni, Konni - Tahoua, Konni – Maradi - Zinder, Maradi – Dan Issa – border with Nigeria, and  Konni - Illéla (on the border with Nigeria). In addition, three further routes were currently under construction, including the links from Agadez – Tahoua, Niamey (the capital) – Tillabéry (see also Niger: Sonitel Starts Construction Of 120-Km Fibre Link From Niamey To Tillabéry), and Zinder – Diffa (see Niger: Niger’s National Fibre Inventory Reaches 2,275-Km, December 2015). Source: SONITEL  Read More →