DRC: LIT Announces New Asia-USA Global Internet Transit Route via Africa Following Completion Of New Fibre Route Through DRC

On 19 October 2021, Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT) announced the launch of its shortest terrestrial fibre route between the East to the West coasts of Africa across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), connecting submarine cable landing points in Mombasa (Kenya) to Muanda (DRC). The new route will also serve tens of millions of people in Africa's landlocked cities, towns, and villages. With the completion of this terrestrial route, Liquid establishes a new global Internet transit route between Asia and the USA through Africa, avoiding high-risk bottlenecks in the Middle East and Europe. For international customers, the corridor offers a low latency path to connect Asia, Africa and the USA as an alternative to busier routes via the Middle East and Europe

In July 2021, Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT) announced a partnership with Facebook to build a 2,000-km long haul and metro fibre network in the DRC. According to a company press release, Facebook will invest in the fibre build and support network planning. Liquid Technologies will own, build and operate the fibre network, and provide wholesale services to mobile network operators and internet service providers. The new build will stretch from Central DRC to the Eastern border with Rwanda and extend the reach of 2Africa, a major new submarine cable that will land along both the East and West African coasts (see Africa: 2Africa Submarine Cable Announced, Which Will Connect 16 African Countries, Europe And Middle East).

According to David Eurin, CEO International Wholesale, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, "The current need for reliable connectivity between Asia and USA is booming. Adding this corridor to our network will help organisations avoid the Red Sea and Europe routes as they have become bottlenecks for global Internet traffic. Also, this new fibre network addresses demand in landlocked countries in Africa as more businesses expand their operations within and beyond African borders." In June 2021, Liquid Intelligent Technologies also announced that its fibre optic network stretching across 14 countries in Africa reached the milestone of reaching 100,000-km, including the expansion of its network in DRC to reach Mbuji-Mayi (see Africa: Liquid Intelligent Technologies Reaches 100,000 km Fibre Network Milestone).

Source: Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT)

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