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Mozambique: Paratus Completes 750-Km Terrestrial Fibre Route From Johannesburg To Maputo

Pan-African telecommunications company, Paratus, has announced that it has completed a new terrestrial fibre optic crossing to Mozambique by lighting up a 750-km route from Maputo (the Mozambican capital), through Eswatini onwards to Teraco Isando DC in Johannesburg (South Africa), which is one of Paratus’ many international colocation centres.

“It has taken months of meticulous planning and we experienced significant delays due to the pandemic sweeping across the globe,” said Rolf Mendelsohn, Chief Technical Officer of the Paratus Group in a company press release. “This week, we were able to commence with link testing and the first live traffic traversed the link. Prior to activating this shorter route, the majority of traffic to Maputo would need to go via Mtunzini on either the SEACOM or EASSY cable systems. Latency is halved from 18ms to 9ms. For this route we decided to deploy the latest Infinera coherent technology, operating at 100Gb wavelengths.”

In June 2018, Paratus completed a Trans-Kalahari Fibre (TKF) route, running from the WACS submarine cable landing station at Swakopmund (Namibia) to Windhoek (the capital) as well as to Botswana (via Buitepos) and Zambia (via Ngoma and Sesheke) (see Namibia: Paratus Namibia Completes Trans-Kalahari Fibre (TKF) Route From Walvis Bay – Swakopmund – Windhoek – Buitepos (Botswana)). In August 2019, Paratus connected the East Coast and West Coast route from the WACS cable landing station in Swakopmund to the EASSy cable landing station in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). This route stretches across 4,160-km to connect the East and West Coast of Africa under management of Paratus’ single ASN (Autonomous System number).

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