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Botswana: BoFiNet Triples Allocated International Bandwidth During 2018

Botswana Fibre Networks (BoFiNet), the state-owned wholesale provider of both national and international networks in Botswana, said that it more than tripled its allocated international bandwidth during 2018 to 406.46 Gbps by December 2018, from 120.58 Gbps in 2017 and 42.625 Gbps in 2015. BoFiNet owns capacity on the East African Submarine System (EASSy) and West Africa Cable System (WACS) submarine cables, which it accesses via terrestrial cross border fibre optic links via South Africa and Namibia. Of this total allocated capacity on these submarine cables, 53% (63.67 Gbps) was reportedly utilised in November 2018, compared to 35% (14.88 Gbps) in 2015.

BoFiNet said that in its 2018 annual report that it had increased its allocated capacity on the EASSy cable to 1,332 x STM-1 circuits (206.460 Gbps) by December 2018, compared to 143 x STM-1 (22.165 Gbps) by December 2017, and 143 x STM-1 (22.165 Gbps) by October 2015. It also increased capacity on the WACS cable to 200 Gbps by December 2018, compared to 632 x STM-1 (97.960 Gbps) in 2017, and 132 STM-1 (20.46 Gbps) by October 20015 (see also Botswana: National Fibre Backbone To Be Expanded To Kgalagadi South District During 2019). BoFiNet also said in its annual report that it had increased the equipped capacity on the terrestrial cross-border links to in excess of 300 Gbps by the end of 2018 between Gaborone and Johannesburg (South Africa), and 125 Gbps between Gaborone and Swakopmund (Namibia).

According to his State of the Nation address to parliament on 5 November 2018, the President of Botswana said that Botswana was utilizing 53% of its allocated capacity on the WACS and EASSy cable systems at that time. A utilisation rate of 53% of the total allocated capacity of 120.125 Gbps in November 2018 equates to 63.67 Gbps, compared to a utilised capacity of 14.88 Gbps in October 2015 (see Botswana: BOFINET Completes Three Fibre Routes Totalling 500-Km). In terms of customer usage, BoFiNet also reported an IP traffic utilisation of 21.14 Gbps in June 2018, compared to 20.32 Gbps in 2017, 11.39 Gbps in 2016, 7.71 Gbps in 2015 and 2.015 Gbps in 2014.

Source: BOFINET, Government of Botswana

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