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South Africa: Telkom Increases National Fibre Network To 163,800-Km, March 2019

Telkom South Africa has reported that its national fibre network reached 163,800-km by March 2019, according to its annual results. This compares to 161,119-km by September 2018, 157,400-km by March 2018, 151,000-km by September 2017, and 149,000-km by March 2017 (see South Africa: Telkom’s National Fibre Network Reaches 157,400-Km, March 2018). Telkom South Africa also reported that it had reached 430,659 fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) homes passed by March 2019, compared to 356,684 homes passed by March 2018, 219,825 by March 2017 and 81,503 by March 2016. The operator said that 2,390,235 homes were passed with fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) by March 2019, compared to 2,237,057 in March 2018, and 1,991,449 in March 2017. In addition, 7,018 base stations were connected by fibre in March 2019, compared to 6,791 in March 2018, and 5,928 by March 2017.

Source: Telkom SA

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