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Namibia: Namibia’s International Bandwidth Increases By 57% During 2018

Namibia’s international Internet bandwidth reached 103.3 Gbps by December 2018 according to latest data published by CRAN (Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia). This was a 57% increased compared with 65.8 Gbps in 2017, 27.68 Gbps in December 2016, 12.210 Gbps in 2013, and 4.974 Gbps in 2012 (see also Namibia: Namibia’s International Bandwidth Reaches 27.68 Gbps, December 2016). The total bandwidth of 103.3 Gbps in December 2018 was split between Telecom Namibia with 88 Gbps and MTC with 15.3 Gbps; the 65.8 Gbps in 2017 was split between Telecom Namibia with 50.5 Gbps and MTC with 15.3 Gbps. This dramatic increase in bandwidth in Namibia follows the entry into service of the WACS submarine cable which lands during 2012 (see Africa: WACS Submarine Cable Enters Service).

Source: CRAN

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