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Namibia: Telecom Namibia Launches Fixed and Mobile Services To Impalila Island

On 22 July 2019, Telecom Namibia announced that it had launched fixed and mobile telecom services to Impalila island, located in the extreme north east of Namibia at the end of the Caprivi Strip, between the Zambezi river bordering with Zambia to the north, and the Chobe river bordering with Botswana to the south. To backhaul services from Impalila, Telecom Namibia said that it installed two high capacity (200 Mbps) IP microwave links, one from Impalila to Lusese, and the other from Lusese to Ngoma. At Ngoma, the microwave link is connected to the fibre optic link which connects to Katima Mulilo established in 2012/3. Telecom Namibia installed 2G and 3G mobile equipment to provide mobile voice and data services, WiMAX FDD equipment to provide fixed wireless voice and data services, and a Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN) using an overhead fibre optic cable with GPON capability to provide high speed data services to government offices, ministries and agencies and selected lodges on the island. “Namibia has made great advances in the delivery of Information Communication Technology with all towns now linked through an extensive network of modern technologies, said Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa, according to a company press release adding that "these developments have incrementally been extended to smaller settlements to ensure all Namibians have access to the latest available ICT products and services.”

Source: Telecom Namibia

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