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Rwanda: Rwanda’s International Bandwidth Reaches Increases By 116% During 2018

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Rwanda reached an inbound international Internet bandwidth of 54.874 Gbps in December 2018, according to latest figures published by the Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Agency (RURA). This was a 116% increase compared to 25.370 Gbps in December 2017, 10.362 Gbps in 2016, and 3.085 Gbps in 2012 (see Rwanda: Rwanda’s International Bandwidth Reaches 25.370 Gbps During 2017). Rwanda’s international bandwidth was 48.600 Gbps in September 2018, 49.074 Gbps in June 2018, and 26.130 Gbps in March 2018 according to RURA.

The international bandwidth of 54.874 Gbps in December 2018 was split between Liquid Telecom (33.0 Gbps, compared to 10.0 Gbps in 2017), MTN Rwanda (6.449 Gbps; 3.875 Gbps in 2017), Airtel/ TiGO (5.700 Gbps; Airtel 1.870 Gbps in 2017 and TiGO 1.2 Gbps in 2017), BSC (5.415 Gbps; 5.415 Gbps in 2017), KT (2.860 Gbps; 2.010 Gbps in 2017), Axiom Network (1.200 Gbps; 700 Mbps in 2017), and ISPA (250 Mbps; 250 Mbps in 2017).

Before the completion of terrestrial transmission networks to the submarine cables landing at Mombasa (Kenya) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Rwanda’s international bandwidth provided by satellite was 351 Mbps in December 2009, 267 Mbps in 2008 and 156 Mbps in 2007. Rwanda now has diverse fibre connectivity to submarine cables landing at Mombasa and Dar es Salaam through both Uganda and Kenya, and through Tanzania.

In September 2017 Liquid Telecom announced the completion 100G upgrades to key routes on its East Africa Fibre Ring to the cities of Kigali in Rwanda, as well as Kampala and Tororo in Uganda, and Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya (see Africa: Liquid Telecom Upgrades East Africa Fibre Ring To 100G Delivering Faster Speeds Across Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya). Meanwhile, in January 2017 the National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U) also announced the completion of fibre connectivity to the border points with both Rwanda and Tanzania at Katuna and Mutukula respectively (see Uganda: NITA-U Completes Phase 3 of National Fibre Backbone, Phases 4 and 5 Planned).

Source: RURA

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