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Chad: Agreement Signed For Operation Of Fibre Network Linking Chad And Sudan

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On 28 August 2018, an agreement was reportedly signed between the government of Chad and a company called ‘Souda-Chad’ to operate the fibre optic network between N’Djamena (the capital of Chad) and Adré on the border with neighbouring Sudan. In September 2017, the Ministère des Postes et des Nouvelles Technologies, de l’Information et de la Communication (MPNTIC) issued a communiqué stating the intention to award a public private partnership (PPP) concession for the operational management and marketing of fibre optic backbone networks in Chad. Previously, in November 2015, an agreement was signed in Khartoum (the Sudanese capital) between Sudan and Chad to interconnect their networks across the border (see Chad: Sudan and Chad Sign Agreement To Interconnnect Fibre Networks).

On 28 July 2018, the fibre optic route connecting Chad with Sudan was provisionally accepted by the government and the contractor Huawei. The 1059-km fibre route runs from N’Djamena (the capital of Chad) to Adré on the border with Sudan where it interconnects with Sudan. "With the completion of this infrastructure, Chad has two fiber optic backbones,” said Dr Salim Bachar Haggar, the Director General of ARCEP (l’Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes) in a press release. “It has a Southern route connected to the SAT-3 submarine cable from Cameroon, and an eastern route that interconnects the Chadian network to the submarine cable coming from the Red Sea through the Sudanese facilities. In the long term, this will lead to a large fibre optic loop that will ensure the interconnection of all regions by high-speed links and the country's connection to several submarine cables".

Chad now has an inventory of over 2,250-km of fibre optic networks according to the Minister of Post and ICT (see Chad: Chad’s International Bandwidth Increases By 290% During 2015). This includes an 800-km fibre link connecting the capital N'Djaména to the SAT-3 submarine cable landing point via Cameroon, that entered service in 2012. A second project is a 1,450-km fibre link currently under construction that will connect N'Djaména to Sudan and submarine cables landing at Port Sudan. Work on this second link from N’Djamena to Sudan via Abéché - Adré - Al Genana started during 2014, and in April 2017 it was agreed with the contractor Huawei to repair cuts that had occurred to the cable and complete the link to Sudan (see Chad: Activation Of 1,450-Km Fibre Route Linking Chad To Sudan Expected Shortly). Chad is also involved with the project to build a Trans-Saharan Backbone (Dorsale Transsaharienne à fibre optique, DTS) which when completed would interconnect Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Mali (see Chad: MoU Signed For Trans-Saharan Fibre Optic Backbone (DTS) Project Connecting Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Mali).

Source: ARCEP, MPNTIC, Tchadinfos, African Daily Voice, Journal du Tchad

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