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Kenya: Safaricom’s Metro Fibre Network Reaches 9,000-Km

Kenya’s leading mobile operator Safaricom has reported in its 2020 annual report that its fibre optic network in Kenya has now reached 9,000-km. The operator’s fibre deployment in the capital city Nairobi and at least 19 other towns across Kenya compares with 6,700-km in 2019, and 5,000-km in 2018 (see Kenya: Safaricom’s Fibre Network Reaches 6,700-Km). The operator also said that it’s fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) network reached 4,000 buildings, and that its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network passed 330,000 homes, of which 142,000 homes were connected. Safaricom first announced plans to build its own terrestrial fibre optic network in November 2011, and began the roll out of its metro fibre network during 2013 (see Kenya: Safaricom Plans To Build Its Own Terrestrial Fibre Optic Network in Kenya). In October 2017, Safaricom announced that it had started an FTTH Regional Roll Out Plan to expand the coverage of its FTTH network to other towns outside of the capital city Nairobi (see Kenya: Safaricom Reaches 95,000 FTTH Subscribers, Starts Regional FTTH Roll Out Plan).

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