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Hamilton Research is a specialist provider of research, analysis and GIS cartographic services for telecom markets in Africa and other developing regions. We undertake customised research and consulting projects for a range of clients, with projects ranging from the research and production of maps-to-order and the development of market metrics.

Nothing contained in these maps are visible to the naked eye. They show the coverage of radio frequencies (satellites, mobile phones and wireless broadband networks), point-to-point microwave radio links, and cables which are either buried under the ground or in the sea. Maps are only the surface expression of information, and underlying all these maps are detailed datasets which are being continually updated. We are grateful for the support of our partners who have contributed their time and knowledge in the research of these maps. As testament to the rapid growth of telecommunication networks in these regions, these maps constantly need updating. If you notice that any information contained in these maps is out of date, please write to us to contribute data.

Strategic Partners

Balancing Act
Based in London, Balancing Act combines online publishing with consultancy work. With 10,000 readers across the continent and outside, the English and French speaking newsletters have already become a “must read” among decision-makers in the fast growing telecommunications and ICT sectors. Through its pay-for reports, Balancing Act has built a catalogue of publications that provides in-depth knowledge on the state of the telecommunications and Internet markets, both sectorally and on a country-by-country basis in Africa.

Balancing Act also offers industry-focused consultancy services for public and private sector clients. For further information visit our website at www.balancingact-africa.com

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