Burundi: Burundi’s International Bandwidth Reaches 15.2 Gbps, Dec 2022

Burundi’s international Internet bandwidth reached 15.210 Gbps in December 2022, according to latest statistics published by the Agence de Régulation et de Contrôle des Télécommunications (ARCT), with ARCT reporting that this had increased again to 22.810 Gbps by March 2023. The bandwidth of 15.210 Gbps in December 2022 was a 25% annual increase compared to 12.152 Gbps in 2021, 9.254 Gbps in 2020, 8.332 Gbps in 2019, and 6.425 Gbps in 2018 (see Burundi: Burundi’s International Bandwidth Increases By 31% During 2021). Two operators provide international fibre connectivity to Burundi, Burundi Backbone System (BBS) and Viettel Burundi (Lumitel).

Source: ARCT

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