Angola: Liquid Dataport and Angola Telecom Establish New Terrestrial Fibre Route From Luanda (Angola) To Johannesburg (South Africa)

On 12 June 2023, Liquid Dataport a business of Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), and Angola Telecom announced that they had established a new high capacity terrestrial fibre optic route from Luanda (Angola) to Johannesburg (South Africa) via the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia and Zimbabwe. According to a company press release, the addition of this route is a significant addition to Liquid’s regional fibre optic network which now reaches 110,000-km. This route runs from Luanda – Noqui – Kinshasa – Kananga – Lubumbashi – Kitwe - Lusaka – Kariba - Harare – Beitbridge – Pretoria – Johannesburg, and follows the completion in 2021 by Angola Telecom of new fibre routes from Luanda to Noqui, and from Yema to Cabinda (see also Angola: Angola Telecom Inaugurates 800-Km Terrestrial Fibre Link From Luanda to Cabinda) and by Liquid Telecom of new routes in DRC from Yema - Muanda – Matadi – Kinshasa (see DRC: Liquid Announces Completion of Fibre Route From Muanda To Kinshasa And Its Regional Fibre Optic Network).

“Our continuous investment into our ‘One Africa Digital Network’ provides customers with access to major data centres in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and now Angola, ensuring that African data never has to leave our shores,” said David Eurin, CEO of Liquid Dataport in a company press release. Adilson Dos Santos, the CEO of Angola Telecom, said that: “There is a conscious drive towards making the internet more popular, as currently, the internet penetration in Angola is only 5 million people. Angola Telecom and Liquid Dataport have been able to work seamlessly for over two years with each other as we are working towards a common goal. Through our National Rural Telecommunication Plan, we want to ensure that connectivity is available to citizens in the remotest parts of the country. We are excited to see the fruits of this partnership lead to increased contribution of the ICT sector to national GDP”.

Source: Liquid Dataport, Ministério das Telecomunicações, Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação Social (MINTTICS)

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