Mauritius: International Bandwidth Jumps By 50 Gbps Since METISS Submarine Cable Enters Service

The used international Internet bandwidth of Mauritius reached 193.734 Gbps by June 2021, an increase of almost 50 Gbps compared to 144.973 Gbps reported six months ago in December 2020, according to latest statistics reported by the Information and Communication Technology Authority of Mauritius (ICTA) (see Mauritius: International Bandwidth of Mauritius Increases By 42.6% During 2020). This follows the entry service of the METISS (MElting poT Indianoceanic Submarine System) submarine cable in March 2021 (see Africa: METISS Submarine Cable Enters Service Connecting Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar to South Africa). The 3,200-km METISS submarine cable has a design capacity of 24 Tbps and connects Mauritius, La Reunion and Madagascar to South Africa. Mauritius is already served by the SAFE and LION1 submarine cables, and the MARS cable connecting the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues also entered service in 2019 (see Mauritius: MARS Submarine Cable Enters Service). ICTA previously reported 101.657 Gbps of used international Internet bandwidth by December 2019, 64.977 Gbps in 2018, and 43.059 Gbps in 2017.

Source: ICTA

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