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Nigeria: MTN Nigeria’s Fibre Network Reaches 25,800-Km, May 2019

MTN Nigeria has announced that its national fibre backbone has reached 25,800-km, according to an investor presentation in May 2019. This total compares with 24,658-km in April 2018 (see Nigeria: MTN Nigeria’s Fibre Network Reaches 24,658-Km, April 2018), 12,490-km in March 2016, 10,432-km in March 2013, 9,738-km in December 2012, and 9,077-km in December 2011 (see also Nigeria: MTN Nigeria Extends Fibre Backbone By 1,312-Km During 2011). The operator said that it also leases 3,000-km of aerial fibre from Phase 3 Telecom, and over 150-km from Multi-Links (MLTC).

Source: MTN

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