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South Africa: Google Announces "Equiano" Submarine Cable Running From Portugal To South Africa

On 28 June 2019, Google announced that it will deploy a private submarine cable running from Lisbon (Portugal) to Cape Town (South Africa). Called "Equiano", the cable will have branching units along the way that can be used to extend connectivity to additional African countries. The first branch is expected to land in Lagos (Nigeria). According to a company press release, Equiano will use space-division multiplexing, with approximately 20 times more network capacity than the last cable built to serve this region, and will be the first subsea cable to incorporate optical switching at the fiber-pair level, rather than the traditional approach of wavelength-level switching. This greatly simplifies the allocation of cable capacity, giving Google the flexibility to add and reallocate capacity in different locations as needed. Google says that a contract to construct the cable was signed with Alcatel Submarine Networks in Q4 2018, and the first phase of the project, connecting South Africa with Portugal, is expected to be completed in 2021. Meanwhile, Facebook has also announced that it is considering building a submarine cable, called Simba, that would encircle the African continent.

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