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Ethiopia: Ethio Telecom And Djibouti Telecom To Use Railway Communication Fibre For Telecom Services

On 31 May 2019, Ethio Telecom announced that it had agreed with Djibouti Telecom to use the fibre optic cable deployed along the Ethio-Djibouti Railway for telecommunication services. The 784-km railway runs from the Ethiopian capital city Addis Ababa to the port city of Djibouti via Dire Dawa and Dewele. This will be a fourth international fibre link between Ethiopia and Djibouti. There are already two cross-border fibre links via Dewele, and a third via Galafi. Ethio Telecom now has multiple cross-border fibre optic routes to submarine cables, via Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya. Ethiopia’s total international bandwidth reached 37.5 Gbps in December 2016 (see Ethiopia: Ethio Telecom’s Fibre Backbone Increases To 21,178-km, International Bandwidth Reaches 37.5 Gbps During 2016). This was split between 17.4 Gbps supplied by terrestrial fibre optic routes via Sudan, 14.9 Gbps via Djibouti, and 4.9 Gbps via Kenya, a total cross-border fibre bandwidth of 37.2 Gbps. The balance of 311 Mbps (2 x STM-1) was supplied by satellite as backup capacity.

Source: Ethio Telecom

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