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Kenya: Safaricom’s Fibre Network In Kenya Reaches 5,500-Km

Kenya’s leading mobile operator Safaricom has reported that its fibre optic network in Kenya has now reached 5,500-km. The operator’s fibre deployment in the capital city Nairobi and other towns across Kenya compares with 5,000-km in March 2018, 4,190-km in March 2017, 3,236-km in March 2016, 2,010-km by March 2015, and 770-km in March 2014 (see also Kenya: Safaricom’s Fibre Network In Kenya Reaches 5,000-Km). The operator first announced plans to build its own terrestrial fibre optic network in November 2011, and during 2013 began a 5 year program to build its own nationwide metro fibre network (see Kenya: Safaricom Plans To Build Its Own Terrestrial Fibre Optic Network in Kenya).

Source: Safaricom

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