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Tunisia: Tunisia’s International Bandwidth Reaches 430 Gbps In 2018

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Tunisia’s international Internet bandwidth reached 430 Gbps in December 2018, according to latest statistics published by Instance Nationale des Télécommunications (INTT), a growth rate of 34% compared to 320 Gbps in December 2017 (see Tunisia: Tunisia’s International bandwidth Reaches 320 Gbps In 2017). Of this total equipped capacity of 430 Gbps, INTT report that 329 Gbps was utilised by December 2018, compared to 325 Gbps in November and 304 Gbps in October. The Ministère des Technologies de l'information et de la Communication (Mincom) previously reported that Tunisia’s international bandwidth was 180 Gbps in December 2015, 130 Gbps in December 2014, and 90 Gbps in December 2013.

Source: Instance Nationale des Télécommunications (INTT)

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