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Botswana: National Fibre Backbone To Be Expanded To Kgalagadi South District During 2019

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The government of Botswana announced plans that the national fibre optic backbone network will be expanded during 2019 from the town of Kang to Kgalagadi South district, to the settlements of Hukuntsi, Tshane, Lokgwabe, and Lehututu. According to his State of the Nation address to parliament on 5 November 2018, the President of Botswana said that the rollout of network providing connectivity between cities, towns and major villages and linking them to the international connectivity is ongoing.

“The intention is to roll-out national broadband backbone fibre network to Two Hundred and Six (206) identified villages as per the National Broadband Strategy,” said the President. “Currently, Two Hundred and Three (203) sites are now connected to the national backbone fibre network since 2014/15. The roll out of fibre is progressing successfully, extending broadband infrastructure to the Kgalagadi, Okavango and Chobe Districts as well as the Bobirwa Sub-District. In addition to rolling out the fibre backbone infrastructure, nineteen villages have been connected to the broadband fibre network through high capacity microwave radios. For the 2018/19 financial year, this network will be extended to connect fourteen additional villages, four in the Kgalagadi District and ten (10) in the Kweneng District”.

In terms of international connectivity, the president said that Botswana was utilizing 53% of its allocated capacity on the West Africa Cable System (WACS) and East African Submarine System (EASSy) cable systems in November 2018. In its 2017 annual report, BOFINET said that it had a total allocated international capacity of 775 x STM-1 circuits (155.52 Mbps) on these two cables, a total allocated capacity of 120.528 Gbps. This was split between 143 x STM-1 on the EASSy cable (22.239 Gbps) and 632 x STM-1 on the WACS cable (98.298 Gbps). A utilisation rate of 53% of the total allocated capacity of 120.528 Gbps equates to 63.880 Gbps in November 2018. This compare to a utilised capacity of 14.88 Gbps in October 2015 (see Botswana: BOFINET Completes Three Fibre Routes Totalling 500-Km).

Source: BOFINET, Government of Botswana

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