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Algeria: Algerie Telecom Completes Fibre Link From Adrar – Tindouf

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During November 2017, Algerie Telecom announced that it had completed a fibre optic link stretching more than 1,000-km from Adrar to Tindouf, completing a south western ring running from Abadla – Benni Abbes – Adrar – Tindouf – Abadla. Previously, during February 2018, the CEO of Algerie Telecom announced the launch of construction work on this link to secure the fibre backbone network in the south west of the country. According to Algerie Presse Service, the CEO of Algerie Telecom also said that the operator’s national fibre network reached a total of 140,000-km during November 2018, including 93,000-km of long-haul backbone links.

The Algerian Ministère de la Poste, des Télécommunications, des Technologies et du Numérique (MPTTN) reports that the length of optical fibre was 81,872-km in 2017, 76,515-km in 2016, 70,700 in 2015, 61,556 in 2014 and 50,800 in 2013 (see also Algeria: Algerie Telecom’s Fibre Backbone increases By 6,000-Km During 2017). Meanwhile, in February 2016, Algerie Telecom’s CEO reported that the operator’s national fibre backbone had reached 70,000-km, compared to 63,000-km in May 2015, 55,000-km in 2014, 47,000-km in 2013 and 15,000-km in 2003 (see also Algeria: Algerie Telecom’s International Bandwidth Increases by 87%, December 2015).

Source: Algerie Presse Service, Algerie Telecom, MPTTN

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